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I'm Bobbie Chalekian, author of The Legend of The Lamb And The Lion.

About the Author
As a children's book author you will find that she is unique in the fact that she writes in a way that will captivate not only children but also the adult who may be reading to the child. You will find words occasionally mispelled in the story done purposely for the intent of bringing the characters into a more realistic dialoging of today. The illustrated characters (which sh never dreamed of doing) are also created and painted by the author.

Having worked with countless numbers of children in her church since 1985, the author has had many rewarding experiences involving the children. She has not only written several scripts and songs for children's musical outreaches, including puppet scripts, but has also directed productions including a team of several other musicians including herself as pianist. She writes scripts and leads the singing for her church's annual Children's Church Christmas Celebration for all four church services. She also leads in piano or guitar for four other ministries.

Prior and during the first few years of her marriage, she worked as a pathology lab technician. Later, while she and her husband raised two daughters and a son, Bobbie worked as an elementary school secretary for many more years, thus further developing her skills and experience with other children. She loves entertaining and cooking for family and friends. Her family now includes a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters. Amongst her God-inspired talents and other gifts, painting animal portraits and song writing are her favorites.

The author is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature located in West Redding Conneticut.



About my latest book, The Legend of The Lamb And The Lion

There he was, Harry, a strange jungle lion with his large blue nose and never-ending tail, curled up like a kitten crying in front of a cave. The truth of the matter is not at all what Zelda, a fuzzy green and lavendar lamb, had expected to find.

When Harry's unpredictable notorious roaring begins, the animals are so terrified that it sends them frantically running into their holes caves, trees, and, wherever.

Then one day all of a sudden the roaring stops In spite of her fear Zelda is determined to find out what's happening and sets out on her own as all the other weird jungle animals are too frightened to venture with her in search of the fierce lion

The story ends in total surprise which once again sends all the animals back into their holes, caves, trees, and wherever. Come, enter into the weird jungle and read through this humorous legend which emphazises a biblical truth along with regards of true character represented in both Zelda and Harry. The venture is well worth it not only for children, but for adults as well.